Best Practices for Creating Physician Recruitment Emails [infographic]

Today, suceeding in physician recruitment requires recruiters to create and execute a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy – a strategy in which email plays a vital role.

With nearly all adults in the U.S. possessing and utilizing email (with over 58% of individuals checking their email first thing in the morning Tweet: 58% of individuals check their email first thing in the morning via @MDRHealthcare), utilizing email as part of your overall physician recruitment strategy is no longer an option. But with most prospective candidates dealing with overloaded inboxes, the question of how to stand out from the crowd remains.

In order to help navigate the do’s and dont’s of physician recruitment emails, we’ve compiled all the best tips, tricks, and best practices from around the web and our own personal experience.

Pin this Physician Recruitment Emails Inforgraphic



Pin this Physician Recruitment Emails Inforgraphic 


Whether or not you’re currently using physician recruitment emails as part of your overall recruitment strategy, knowing the benefits of recruitment emails and their associated best practices can help you use them effectively in the future. By optimizing your subject lines, making good use of images and white space, and creating engaging calls to action, you will place yourself miles ahead of the competition and get one step closer to bringing on your next high quality physician candidate.

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