COVID-19 Era: The Importance of Having a Flexible Staffing Strategy

The COVID-19 outbreak has created not only a healthcare crisis, but also an economic crisis. Many companies have had to restructure the way they serve their customers with products and services. As businesses strategize to return to normal or, at least the new normal, refocusing efforts on the best ways to make your company the most profitable is a must. For every business, this will look different, yet similar, as adjustments of resources as well as reassignments of staff take place.

The pandemic has also resulted in altering the structure of staffing permanently. During the pandemic and well into the future, the importance of having a flexible staffing strategy is crucial for business success. Reopening your company has likely meant some employees covering projects from home, while others trickle back into the office with alternate schedules. Flexible means restructuring the way you conduct business, including assigning staff members new roles to fit new priorities.

Let’s explore how a flexible staffing plan can help you and your business succeed post pandemic.

Strict, Set-in-Stone Staffing Strategy – A Relic of the Past? 

While an unyielding staffing strategy based on a never-ending cycle of matching potential employees to vacancies in your company may have worked in the past, it is unlikely to work in the post pandemic environment of flexibility. The old school staffing strategy of hiring in good times, layoffs in the lean times, and more hiring when business improves is not what is best for your business in the long run. It actually lowers employee morale as well as productivity.

Instead, hiring interim, temporary staff members quickly when you need them and releasing them when you don’t may be the ideal solution. A flexible staffing plan which includes talented temporary professionals allows companies to keep full-time employees productive and increase their workforce based on current workloads and new project launches.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive and Flexible Staffing Strategy

Flexible Staffing Strategy Benefits - Recruiting and Staffing Firm

A comprehensive, flexible staffing plan allows you to assess your needs on an ongoing basis, hiring the employees who meet your needs and not simply those who occupy empty spaces in your office, thus providing a well-rounded solution for your company. Our business professionals can help match your organization with your ideal candidate during these times of uncertainty.

A flexible staffing strategy provides these benefits and more for your company:

  • Save Money – The combination of your full-time employees and temporary compact workers, allows you to save money by transitioning fixed personnel expenses into variable costs as you only pay for the talent you need when you need it. Using contract labor also allows you to lower costs associated with the hiring and training of new staff members, as well as decreasing overtime expenses for your permanent employees.
  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage – With a flexible staffing strategy in place, you gain an increased advantage over your competition, particularly those who have maintained a strict staffing strategy in regard to their workforce. You have greater control over your employees while your competitors remain exposed to highs and lows in the economy.
  • Increased Employee Retention – Having a flexible staffing strategy that is a blend of contract labor and permanent employees, protects your workforce. Permanent employees who don’t face the continuing threat of layoffs have enhanced levels of job satisfaction and security. Their sense of loyalty is increased, and they feel valued in the workplace, thus increasing employee retention. In addition, the support provided by temporary employees can go a long way in relieving excessive workloads, again resulting in boosted retention.
  • Improved Focus on Complex Tasks – Contract workers can help with your team’s day to day tasks, allowing your permanent employees to focus on new or complex projects which they better trained to handle effectively. Temporary employees can also allow full-time employees to take time off to recharge during busy times.
  • Utilize Specialists – If your company gets a project which needs specialized knowledge or expertise which your team does not possess, you can bring in specialized consultants or advisers on a temporary basis to get the job done.
  • Assess Potential Employees – A flexible staffing strategy allows you to hire temporary professionals, to assess how they work with your permanent staff, observe their work, determine whether they are the right fit for your organization. If you are pleased with their work on a single project, you can then choose to offer them further opportunities with your company, maybe even on a permanent basis. If they don’t work out, you can easily part ways.

Look to the Experts at Ascendo Resources for Help 

Ascendo Resources is ready to help you design a flexible staffing solution with temporary or permanent employees in the following industries:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Compliance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Administrative professionals

Whatever you need – temporary, contract, direct-hire, or project assistance – to design flexibility into your company’s staffing, Ascendo can help with interviews, assessments (technical and interpersonal skills), and even integration.

For more information on collaborating with Ascendo Resources to develop project and staffing solutions for your company’s unique needs, contact us today.

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