Success Story: Recruiting an Experienced Neurologist in Virginia

Keeping with our long-standing commitment to provide top quality physicians to our partners, MDR HealthCare Search recently placed a Neurologist with an impressive background. This physician brought with him more than knowledge but an entrepreneurial spirit, which he dedicates to his patients on a daily basis. He proved to us that he had the ability to analyze areas that needed growth and implement procedures that would simplify the medical coding process.


This physician’s practice of inpatient and outpatient neurology has spanned nineteen years. In 2005, he founded an organization with the mission of educating physicians and other medical practitioners in Evaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines. He has developed face to face and online programs, and was the lead instructor and supervisor of employed physician instructors and coders. Beyond these amazing developments, he has also consulted on inpatient and outpatient physician documentation issues.

Sourcing the Candidate

This physician has served in an administrative role for several years, but found himself wishing to return to patient care. After scouring various CV databases, MDR came across the physician’s old CV and was able to find his current contact information. Once MDR was able to get in contact with him and speak with him at length regarding an opportunity in his hometown, the candidate was intrigued. After extensive screening, MDR was able to ascertain that his interests, community ties, and preferred practice style were uniquely suited to the needs of the position. After MDR presented the candidate, the practice moved quickly to interview the physician and he was placed within four months.

Professional Skills and Experience

Bringing with him an impressive foundation of knowledge, MDR HealthCare Search knew that there would be no problem placing this physician. His notable experience stems from private practice in Richmond, VA to serving as the CEO and Lead Physician Educator at another local organization from 2005 to 2015. One main area of focus was to review inpatient and outpatient documentation for adherence to CMS guidelines. With this, he brought with him a valuable skill-set that covers multiple areas, including:

  • General Neurology 

  • Physician Educatotion

  • Evaluation and Management Coding

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Experience

  • Documentation Consultation

Education and Training

This candidate’s extensive education in Virginia and Missouri ultimately impressed the client thoroughly as they knew bringing him on board would only add value to their organization. Additionally, his strong ties to their community and desire to relocate to the area indicated he would likely stay on long-term. Our Neurologist’s background included training such as:

  • Fellowship Neuromuscular Disease
    • Medical College of Virginia -Richmond, VA
  • Internal Medicine Internship and Neurology Residency
    • Washington University School of Medicine-St. Louis, MO
  • M.D. Medicine
    • Medical College of Virginia-Richmond, VA

Since his placement, this physician has already made a positive impact on his new team and with his dedication to continuous process improvement his insight is sure to continue to make the organization more efficient leading to higher patient satisfaction.

MDR HealthCare Search presents top quality candidates to every client. With our expansive network of physicians, we have the ability to qualify the right physician for your organization. If you would like to add a similar success story to your repertoire, connect with our consultants today.


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