How Do I Become a Recruiter at Ascendo Resources?

Looking for a new career? If you have experience in sales and communication and skills in time management and problem solving, you should look into a career as a recruiter at Ascendo Resources.

With Ascendo Resources, you will find exceptional opportunities in an award-winning, fast-growing, and entrepreneurial environment. While there is no degree available in the field of recruiting, Ascendo understands industry trends and trains prospective recruiters from a variety of careers and industries while providing opportunities for growth.

Having an undergraduate degree is not mandatory for starting a successful career in recruiting; however, a degree does help you move upward in the industry. We consider work experience directly related to recruiting as valuable. Another way to gain recruiter skills is to sign up for recruiter training and certification programs.

The team at Ascendo Resources is ready to deliver the information and tips to help you begin the application process, nail the interview questions, and get started!

Meet Ascendo Resources

Unlike aggressive headhunting firms, Ascendo is staffed by a team of professionals whose goal is to always do the right thing for both the candidate and client. Our team members have held positions with the Big 4, Fortune 500 companies, global banks, legal industries, and more! We are always looking for new ways to learn and teach our employees how to help candidates with their career goals and objectives.

At Ascendo, we offer growth opportunities and competitive benefits!

Beneficial Qualities of a Talented Recruiter

Apply and Become a Talented Recruiter - Ascendo Resources

Successful recruiters combine hard and soft skills effectively. The combination of teachable skills alongside interpersonal soft skills may be honed over time. Also, innate personality traits are the foundation for success as a recruiter.

At Ascendo Resources, some helpful skills include:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Relationship building
  • Goal-oriented
  • Patience
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Problem-solving
  • Tech-savvy
  • Teamwork

Prior experience in staffing, banking, client services, and operations is also great in helping you become a talented recruiter.

A Day In The Life Of a Recruiter

Recruiter responsibilities - Ascendo Resources

Because the responsibilities of a recruiter vary from day to day, the job is enjoyable and never dull. A day in the life of a recruiter includes tasks like these:

  • Calendar and email management
  • Resume reviews
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate preparation for interviews
  • Review of recruiting platforms
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Advertising job openings
  • Collaboration with hiring managers and fellow recruiters
  • Extending offers to candidates
  • Business development

Ascendo Resources places accounting, finance, financial services, compliance, healthcare, legal, IT, HR and administrative professionals in temporary, permanent, contract, and project positions. Candidates and clients look for our recruiters’ expertise because they have worked in these industries; They are able to provide clients and candidates with long-lasting solutions.

Common Interview Questions for a Recruiter

Common Interview Questions for a Recruiter - Ascedno Resources

As with any job interview, there are frequently asked questions for recruiters. Preparing for your interview ahead of time, doing the necessary research, and practicing your responses will nearly always guarantee a successful interview.

Here are some questions you can expect when you interview for a recruiter position at Ascendo Resources.

1. How would you describe your recruiting style?

Successful recruiters build relationships, not only with hiring managers but also with highly-qualified candidates. When responding to this question, keep in mind your role as a partner in the hiring process which means developing the needed relationships and leading and guiding towards success.

2. How can you contribute to the company?

Recruiters who focus on great candidates, even those who are rejected for one reason or another, enhance your overall company brand. When asked about your contribution to the company with whom you are interviewing, explain your desire to deliver a strong, positive experience to all candidates. Whether you do this by responding to every applicant, or communicating with the candidates who did not get the position, there are a number of successful approaches. You want the person interviewing you for the recruiter position to know that you will consistently update candidates to develop long-term, beneficial relationships, enhancing the company’s reputation among qualified candidates. 

3. What is the biggest achievement during your career?

Rather than focusing on a single big achievement in your career, focus on how you continually succeed. Better to showcase your focus on finding the highest quality candidates who will remain with the company for the long term, rather than filling multiple positions quickly only to have candidates leave quickly creating high turnover rates for your clients.

 4. What is your process for setting and achieving goals?

As a recruiter, you will want to set yourself apart from the competition, thus positively positioning your company to well-qualified candidates. It requires creativity and innovative approaches as well as critical thinking skills, so showcase your goal setting process with the qualities that make you unique among your competition.

Why Become a Recruiter at Ascendo Resources?

So you may be asking yourself, “Why should I apply for a recruiting position at Ascendo Resources?” At Ascendo, we show our employees how much we appreciate them by:

  1. Recognizing & rewarding them for doing a good job.
  2. Hosting events & celebrations.
  3. Fostering an inclusive environment.
  4. Promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  5. Conducting team-building activities.
  6. Giving them all the tools to be successful.
  7. Welcoming their feedback.
  8. Giving them autonomy.
  9. Offering benefits to both full-time & part-time employees.
  10. Offering our employees great income potential.

At Ascendo Resources, we are always looking for top talent to join our team.

For more information, call today and connect with Ascendo Resources to get your new career as a recruiter started.

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