3 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Physician Recruitment

Many healthcare organizations have begun to use social media for recruitment purposes – and for good reason. Over 73% of americans now have a social media profile, a percentage that has been steadily increasing over the past decade. With the number of social media platforms continually increasing, and with more Americans joining these networks every day, it is becoming ever more important for employers to establish a positive presence online.

But while it is becoming obvious that a positive presence on social media is necessary for a comprehensive physician recruitment strategy, the question of what that entails is still murky for many organizations. Below, see the best practices for using social media in physician recruitment:

1. Use the 80/20 RuleOnly

A common mistake recruiters make is only posting opportunities to social media sites with very little additional content. While some active job seekers may appreciate these job postings, it is likely that thhe majority of prospective candidates would rather not be bombarded with constant job opportunities. Instead, one way many copanies are successfully utilizing social media for recruitment is by sharing useful and engaging content about the company’s acomplishments and culture. In these cases, it is best to only have 20% of your posts directly referencing job opportunities, with the other 80% concentrating on highlighting what a fantastic palce your organization is to work.

2. Highlight Company Culture & Accomplishments

When recruitnig the next member of your team, you don’t want to hire just any candidate, but the right candidate. To do so, recruiters want to make sure that candidates fit in with the organization’s culture and believe in it’s vision. By sharing content about the organization’s culture, current employees, and accomplishments on social media, an organization can attract and engage with prospective candidates with whom those messages resonate. Some excellent ways to do so include utilizing youtube to share employee profiles, or posting pictures of employee outreach events to the organization’s instagram page.

3. Engage Current Employees

Existing employees can be a recruiter’s greatest tool and resource for referrals offline, but can also be an excellent resource for them online. Engaging with existing employees one social media can help create an online community and extend an employers social reach, allowing their messages to reach an even greater audience. Additionally, by having the existing employees having positive interactions withh the organization’s brand on social media,existing employees can inprove an organization’s employer reputation and encourage prospective candidates to enquire about opportunities.

Key Take Aways:

  • Make sure to provide followers with interesting and engaging content – not just job descriptions
  • Make sure current employees are having positive interactions with your brand
  • Highlight employees and organizational accomplishments on your page
  • Make the goal of your social media presence to provide interesting and useful information
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