3 Things to Consider When Using Direct Mail for Physician Recruitment

In the never ending effort to source and recruit the best physician candidates, recruiters are constantly looking for the next new tool. But sometimes, when it comes to sourcing physician candidates, the old sourcing methods can deliver great results. One such tool that should be part of your physician recruitment strategy is direct mail. While many have decried it’s demise, direct mail is still going strong and generating results for recruitment programs across the country.

But how do you create a mail campaign that gets results? Below are three things to consider when creating your campaign to ensure success.

1. Timing Matters

In recruitment, like marketing, sending the right  message at the right time is crucial. This is especially true when creating a direct mail piece for physician recruitment. One aspect of timing to take into account is the physician recruitment cycle, such as when the majority of graduating physicians are looking for opportunities or times of the year when physician contracts are likely to be approaching their renewal date. Additionally, other time-specific aspects (such as mailings for to northern states during the winter for opportunities in warmer states, or mailings to states in the South Atlantic during hurricane search) can improve your mailing’s response rate and overall effectiveness.

2. For the List, Think Outside the Box

When it comes to executing a successful Direct mail campaign for physician recruitment, who  you’re sending too is just as important as your message. While most organizations will concentrate on mailing to physicians currently residing in their state or region, and sometimes even with regional ties, difficult searches can benefit from using a less conventional list. Instead of focusing solely on physicians in or tied to your community, target physicians currently in locations that have similar cultural or social backgrounds (such as other urban centers, cities with similar demographics, etc.).

3. Design Matters

When you’re creating a physician recruitment direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to take into account what will attract a candidate’s attention. With all of the letters and postcards the average American receives, it’s important for recruitment mailings to stand out from the pile. This is where design comes in. The right design can capture a candidate’s attention, pique their curiosity, and lead them to reach out to you to learn more. Make sure to use dynamic, engaging images that tie to the location or the opportunity. Additionally, the design should tie in with the messaging and target audience. Are you targeting younger physicians who want quality of life? Or maybe physicians in the south who would prefer a four-seasons climate?  Use your targeted message and list parameters to inform your design choices, creating a clear message and value proposition for prospective candidates.

Key Take Aways:

  • When you send out your mailing can matter just as much as what you send out. Make sure to take recruitment cycles and environmental factors into account when scheduling your campaign.
  • It’s important to create a cohesive message using your mail piece. Tailor your design and messaging to your target audience for the best results.
  • Sometimes getting creative with the list pays off. Look past the obvious criteria and target physicians who would be interested in relocating to your community for a variety of reasons.
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