4 Common Missed Opportunities for Mobile Physician Recruitment

Working Hard-4It’s no secret that people today are constantly glued to their mobile devices. Whether it’s to check their email, engage in social media, or even look for new opportunities, the average American spends nearly three hours every day on their mobile devices. And physicians are no exception, with over 85% of physicians utilizing mobile devices on a daily basis.

With so many prospective candidates focusing their attention on their mobile devices, it is more important than ever for recruiters to have a mobile physician recruitment strategy. But while making sure your recruitment strategy is optimized for mobile can improve a recruiter’s chances in sourcing and recruiting the right candidate for a position, many recruiters are missing out on the benefits of mobile recruitment. Below are 3 common missed opportunities for mobile physician recruitment.

1. Not Having a Mobile Optimized website

Passive job seekers represent the largest percentage of possible candidates,  with nearly 75% of candidates not actively looking for new opportunities. But while passive candidates may not be aggressively seeking new opportunities, their interest can definitely be piqued.  When this happens, many will go directly to an employer’s website – and 62% will do so on their mobile device. Additionally, a company’s mobile site can dramatically affect a candidate’s perception of the organization as a whole, with reportedly  61% of people having a better impression of an organiztion after a positive mobile experience.

2. Not Utilizing Responsive Design in Emails

Checking email is one of the most common tasks people complete on their mobile devices. In fact, more people check their email on their mobile devices than on a desktop or laptop, with over 53% of email opens occuring on a mobile device. What’s more, a recent sruvey of new graduates indicated that nearly half would prefer to hear about new opportunities via email than any other method. By utilizing responsive design, physician recruiters will be able to get their opportunities in front of prospective candidates in a way that is convenient for them.

3. Not Providing a Way to Submit a CV Via Mobile Device

Candidates are already on your website or reading your recruitment emails on their mobile devices, so providing them with a convenient next step that can be completed via their mobile device is crucial. With 70% of mobile users acting within the hour (compared to only 30% for PC users), it is crucial to make sure that the application process is as easy as possible for prospective candidates.  Don’t have a mobile friendly application process? Beware –  40% of mobile candidates abandon an non-mobile friendly application process. Make sure that is it easy and convenient for candidates to submit their CVs via their smartphones, or apply using their Linkedin profile. Doing so will speed along the process and ensure that recruiters aren’t missing out on any possible candidates.

Key take aways:

  • Make sure that all of your digital recruitment strategies (email, website employment pages, etc.) are optimized for mobile
  • Use responsive design to make sure recruitment emails and websites are convient and easy to read on both mobile devices and desktops
  • Make it easy for interested candidates to apply whether they are at home or on the go

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