4 Things to Know About Recruiting Foreign Medical Graduates [infographic]

A large number of physicians in the United States are Foreign Medical Graduates – physicians who attended medical school outside of the US. While some are Americans who complete their schooling abroad, the majority of these FMGs are physicians who were born abroad, educated abroad, and sometimes even practiced abroad before coming to the US to complete an American residency.

While foreign medical graduates have been part of the physicians recruitment landscape for some time, many recruiters are not sure how to integrate them into their physician recruitment strategy. In the infographic below you’ll see four things physician recruiters need to know about factoring in foreign medical graduates as part of their recruitment strategy.

Key Take Aways:

  • A growing share of physicians today completed their medical school abroad and their effects on patient outcomes are positive.
  • FMGs can help organizations create ethnic and linguistic alignment between providers and patients, leading to improved patient satisfaction.
  • Foreign medical graduates are a key aspect of primary care and psychiatry recruitment, especially as the physician shortage continues to get worse.
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