5 Steps to Creating a Physician Recruitment Offer That Closes the Deal [infographic]

The competition for qualified physicians right now is fierce, resulting in what appears to be a bidding war for candidates. This competitive environment means that many recruiters will find themselves losing candidates to the practice down the street, often after an offer has been extended. This leaves the understandably frustrated physician recruiter back at square one and will increase the amount of time that the organization will have to go without a physician. But can recruiters really do anything to keep physicians from declining their offers?


While we might not be able to make them accept our physician recruitment offer, we can make them so compelling that the chances of them declining will be slim. Below, you’ll find an inforgraphic with five steps on how to make a candidate a physician recruitment offer they can’t resist.

Key Take Aways:

  • Customization is key – learn to make your offer competitive in your market, as well as flexible enough to tailor to any given candidate’s priorities.
  • Think outside the box when making a candidate an offer. Anything from renovations to increase relocation assistance can help lure them away from a competitor’s offer.
  • Time is of the essence – make sure that you provide your ideal candidate with terms at the end of their site visit, capitalizing on the positive experiences and answering any questions they have.
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