6 Mistakes You’re Making in Physician Recruitment Job Descriptions [infographic]

One of the most important aspects of your physician recruitment effort is the job description. Used in classifieds, job boards, email blasts, and journal advertisements, the job description is the first thing prospective candidates will see. What the job description says (or sometimes doesn’t say) can either cause the physician to express their interest or move on to the next posting.

Below is an infographic showing the six big mistakes physician recruiters often make in their job descriptions that turn away candidates – and how to fix them.

When it comes to job descriptions, it’s key that recruiters think like a marketer. Know who your target audience is (using the ideal candidate profile), what channel you’re using, and make sure to customize your job descriptions for both.

Key Take Aways:

  • Include multiple forms of contact for the candidate to reach you (Call, text, and email).
  • For digital ads or recruitment emails, include links about the position, the organization, and the community to help the candidates in their research.
  • Always be specific – tell candidates what they’d want to know and what kind of person would fit with your company culture. Most of all, always customize it for your ideal candidate profile and the medium you are using.
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