6 Reasons to Use Youtube in Physician Recruitment

In the race to find the best physician candidates for a growing number of needs, it is important for physician recruiters to use all the tools at their disposal. One great tool for enhancing physician recruitment efforts is through utilizing youtube. No longer just a repository for silly cat videos, many organizations are utilizing youtube to engage and attract candidates. But why are these organizations utilizing youtube, and why should you?

Below are 6 reasons your organizations should start using youtube to attract and recruit physician candidates.

1. Improve Searchability

A recent survey of practicing and new physicians indicated that one of the top ways they search for a new opportunity is by utilizing web based search engines. Take into account that youtube is the world’s second most popular search engine after google (and the third most trafficked site in the world),  and the idea of not having your recruitment ads on youtube in video format seems like a lost opportunity.

2. Increase Recruitment Email Click-Through Rate

According to Wistia, adding a video link to an email, rather than a regular graphic, can increase click-through rates by 300%. This increased engagement by prospective candidates is exactly what you want to accomplish with physician recruitment emails, and piquing their interest in your organization through video is a great way to do it.

3. Highlight Company Culture

Experienced physician recruiters know that finding a candidate who is a cultural fit for a practice is just as important as finding one with the right training and experienced. By creating engaging videos around the organization’s current employees and company culture, recruiters can show prospective candidates what it would be like to work there and decide if their personality and work style would be a good fit.

4. Emphasize Organization’s Mission & Values

Each healthcare organization has a unique set of mission and values, and each wants to recruit qualified physicians that align with those values. Creating videos highlighting community engagement, or having the leadership express why your organization is unique, prospective candidates can become better acquainted with your organization’s unique view and mission.

5. Humanize a Large Health System or Medical Group

Large multi-specialty groups and health systems can often seem like faceless corporations to prospective candidates. In order to humanize the organization, recruiters can create in-depth video profiles of their providers and leadership. By putting a human face to the organization, candidates will be able to connect with you more readily and feel as if they would be joining a group of dedicated healthcare providers, rather than just a health system.

6. Encourage Social Engagement with Current & Prospective Employees

Current employees can be one of a recruiter’s greatest assets. With each provider having a large network of colleagues in the healthcare field, utilizing current employees can be an excellent way for recruiters to gain access to candidates who may not be actively looking. Creating youtube videos of current employees and hospital activities can help engage existing employees on social media, and prompt them to share your opportunities to their network.


Youtube has come a long way since it’s early days and can now be leveraged as an important tool for physician recruiters. When done right, youtube videos can increase visibility of your opportunities and organization, highlight your organizations culture, and help engage employees in the search for new team members.

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