6 Skype Interview Tips for Physician Candidates

As health care organizations try to decrease their recruiting costs, more are turning to skype interviews to help them screen out candidates before inviting them in for a site visit. Now, how well you do on your skype interview can mean the difference between moving forward with the interview process or having to start over from square one.

In order to increase your chances of being invited in for a site visit and the overall likelihood of an offer, it’s crucial for physician candidates to ace this type of interview. This means more than being able to answer the tough questions correctly – it means also being able to set the right atmosphere and come across engaged and professional. Below are six tips for physicians looking to have a great skype interview and increase their chances of getting hired.

1. Pick the Right Location

Make sure to chose a quiet, professional room for your skype interview. Avoid busy backdrops, decor, or anything that could act as a distraction to your interviewer. Remember, their focus should be on you – not your patterned wallpaper!

2. Dress the Part

Just like an in-person interview, make sure you dress to impress, but not distract. A simple suit is always a safe choice, and make sure wear your professional attire from head to toe. Not only does dressing as if going to an in-person interview put you in the right frame of mind, it also keeps you from accidentally giving your prospective employer a peek at your casually dressed bottom half. You don’t want to risk the interviewer catching a glimpse of sweatpants or slippers in a mirror in the background.

3. Test Your Tech Beforehand

Nothing can throw off a skype interview like technical glitches. Test out your connection with a friend before the actual interview and make sure your internet is running smoothly. Avoiding any technical malfunctions will help keep you and your interviewer focused. 

4. Mind Your Body Language

The main reason a prospective employer wants to conduct a video interview is specifically so they can see you. Just like when you are at an in-person interview, body language matters over skype. Lean in, nod attentively, and look engaged. At the same time, make sure to avoid rapid or excessive movement as it can cause you to appear blurry on the screen.

5. Double Check Your Profile

Whether using your personal skype account or one specifically set up for interviews, make sure to keep it professional! Use a simple handle using your name and a basic head shot. Avoid profile pictures with other individuals or fictional characters.

6. Factor In Time Lags

Skype and other video conferencing services are known for having time lags, especially if your internet speeds aren’t up to snuff. Make sure to wait until you’re sure your interviewer is done speaking before starting to respond in order to make sure you hear their entire question before answering. 

Key Take Aways:

  • Treat a skype interview just like an in-person interview when it comes to attire and body language.
  • Try to mitigate any tech glitches by testing your skype connection beforehand and factoring in time lags.
  • Don’t distract your interviewer! Whether it’s avoiding a busy background, shiny jewelry, or a less than professional username, make sure to keep the interviewer’s focus on you and your skills.
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