6 Steps to Passing Reference Checks in Your Physician Job Search

If you’re in the middle of your physician job search, it is essentially guaranteed that any organization seeking to bring you on board will request three to five references before extending an offer. While it may not seem like it, how you handle these reference requests can make the difference between being offered your ideal position or not getting a position at all.

Whether it’s references that are unresponsive, provide tepid endorsements, or a reference from a physician with little knowledge of your skills, there are plenty of ways references can derail your job search. Below are six steps to avoiding these pitfalls and passing your reference checks with flying colors.

Key Take Aways:

  • Make sure your references can attest to your interpersonal and clinical skills, especially if they are aligned with the type of practice you’re looking to join
  • Make sure your reference and the hiring physician are able to connect by providing accurate contact information and helping align a call if necessary.
  • Let your references know that you appreciate their taking the time to assist you on your job search and keep them updated on the outcome. This goes a long way in maintaining a positive professional relationship.
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