6 Useful Resources for Physician Recruiters from Around the Web

  For a Physician Recruiter, the more information and resources available to you, the better. Whether it’s deciding what a competitive offer is for your region, finding candidates that fit specific demographic criteria, or judging how busy a new physician will likely be in a given market, the information and resources a recruiter has available to him/her can greatly affect the success of a physician recruitment effort.  Below are 6 useful resources (both free and paid) for physician recruiters for around the web.

Forecasting Tools

FutureDocs Forecasting Tool The University of North Carolina came out with this free tool to estimate the supply of physicians and use of healthcare services under a variety of scenarios over time. The tool gives recruiters the ability to display estimates of physician supply for a variety of specialties, as well as shortages and surpluses, by location, taking into account a variety of scenarios. Some scenario options include:
  • Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges
  • Medicaid expansion provisions
  • Retirement Rates
  • Physician Productivity
  • Use of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
Health Workforce Mapper The American Medical Association has developed the Health Workforce Mapper and has versions available to solely AMA members as well as a version for non-members. This tool allows users to see shortage areas, ratios of physician or non physician clinician to population, and areas for needed healthcare service expansion. Data can also be drilled down to medical specialty and practice type for each given location.

Candidate Sourcing

“A Recruiter’s Guide to Boolean Searching (and the World’s Largest Free CV Database)” This article on ERE.net provides an excellent reference for recruiters who use boolean search to search the web for candidate CVs. Noting the how and when to use certain techniques, this reference guide.  Directory of Ethnic Medical Associations Having trouble finding a physician that speaks Korean? This list from the American Medical Association includes links and contact information for the major ethnic medical associations in the United States. By contacting these associations, a physician recruiter can quickly ensure that a large number of physicians who are likely to speak a specific language or are part of a specific ethnic group that would enable them to better serve a large group of patients in your area.

Physician Compensation

Physician Compensation, Benefits and Recruitment Incentives Report The Association of Staff Physician Recruiters annual compensation report is a useful, free tool for recruiters to use. It includes information on physician benefits, incentives, contract terms, compensation models, and scheduling, that can assist recruiters in creating offers that are competitive in comparison to what other employers are offering.  Physician Compensation and Productivity Reports One of the most commonly cited references for average physician compensation and productivity, the Medical Group Management Association’s report is available for purchase as a web-based module as well as a hardcopy book.  While the majority of the information is available by purchase only, the MGMA offers a complimentary key findings and executive summary report for free to MGMA members.As a savvy recruitment professional, it is important to have these tools (and others like them) in your arsenal for quick reference. By referencing these resources, recruiters will be able to make competitive offers to candidates, establish the true need of a community, create manpower plans, and find candidates to meet their needs.
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