6 Ways to Embrace Mobile in Physician Recruitment


Physicians today are constantly on the go, with little time left to sit at a computer and apply for positions, even if they want a change. Luckily for recruiters, physicians are now more likely than ever to use their mobile devices to search for positions, apply for positions, and interview. As the use of mobile devices in physician’s job searches continues to rise, physician recruiters need to find ways to engage with them on the devices they use most often.

Now, a mobile device can be used in almost every step of the physician recruitment process. Below are six ways organizations can integrate mobile recruitment into their physician recruitment efforts to help reach, recruit, and interview candidates as efficiently as possible.

1. Candidate Apps

If a candidate is interested in joining your organization, the first thing they should be able to do is engage with your recruitment app. These apps can do everything from helping candidates search for open positions, apply, and browse content about your organization. These apps also make it easier for candidates to do all of these things, making them more likely to become engaged and apply.

2. Mobile-Friendly Websites

If a candidate is having trouble navigating your website from their phone or tablet, chances are they won’t get very far. Make sure that all parts of your site – especially your recruitment section – is optimized for mobile. Increasing the ease of use of your site will improve the overall candidate experience, making the candidate more likely to apply to any open positions you may have that fit their skills and qualifications.

3. SMS Campaigns

Many physicians rarely check their voicemails these days and your recruitment emails are likely to get lost in their overflowing inboxes. This is where texting comes into the picture. Candidates are often quicker to respond to text messages than any other form of communication, whether it’s to express their interest, schedule times for interviews, or provide feedback. These SMS campaigns can also keep candidates engaged throughout the process with reminders and check-ins, making them feel more attached to an opportunity.

4. Responsive Emails

Although many candidates find themselves inundated with physician recruitment emails, email is still a solid way to reach prospective candidates. However, these candidates are often checking their email on their phones and tablets. As most general emails don’t display well on small screens, it is important for recruiters to create responsive emails, enabling a candidate to view the email with ease, regardless of which device they are using.

5. Mobile Interviews

Most organizations will first conduct at least one phone interview before inviting a candidate out to a site visit to ensure that they are truly interested in a candidate before investing in bringing them on site. One way organizations can cut down the number of phone interviews is by using video interviews that candidates can take from their phones or tables. In addition to Skype, candidates often have access to Apple’s FaceTime or Google Hangouts, enabling them to conduct a video interview on the go.

6. Engage with Social Media

Most adults in America engage in some form of social media. Whether it’s for purely personal purposes or professional ones, that vast majority of physicians have at least one social media account. Additionally, most candidates engage with social media via their mobile devices. Organizations can utilize their social media presence and networks to get their message and positions in front of prospective candidates who may not have otherwise heard of the opportunity.

Key Take Aways:

  • Candidates spend far more time in front of their phones and tablets than ever before. Make sure engaging with your organization on these devices is as easy as possible.
  • Make sure your websites and emails are optimized for mobile to improve the candidate experience.
  • Use mobile to text and interview candidates, improving their overall candidate experience and expediting the recruitment process.
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