7 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Twitter for Physician Recruitment

Most organizations are now making at least some effort to utilize twitter to attract physician candidates, but many don’t know how to use it to it’s greatest effect. In fact, many recruiters find themselves falling into at least one of seven bad habits that can decrease your chances of successfully sourcing a candidate – and may even decrease your follower count.

Below are seven mistakes recruiters make when using twitter for physician recruitment – and how to avoid them.

1. Tweeting to an empty room

We’ve all seen them – recruitment twitter accounts with next to no followers, posting  job opportunities with no one to see them. In order for twitter to be an effective recruitment tool, you need to build a steady following by posting useful, relevant content.

2. ONLY posting job opportunities

The reason so many recruiters report a lack of success on twitter is that instead of treating it as a way to engage with prospective candidates, they view it as an extension of their job boards. Only posting job opportunities is not the best way to attract and engage with followers.

3. Not Using Images

Like Facebook, posts on Twitter receive more clicks, favorites, and retweets than posts without. Making sure your tweets contain images will likely increase your engagement with followers and even your reach as your followers spread the messages to their own networks.

4. Not Posting Often Enough

The life of a tweet isn’t very long. With an average of 5,787 tweets posted per second, your tweet won’t be near the top of your follower’s feeds for very long. Because of this, it is crucial for recruiterts to post to twitter at least once per day, with each piece of content being tweeted out multiple times.

5. Including the Wrong Hashtags

You know you need to use hashtags in your tweets – but which ones? Make sure to research popular hashtags and incorporate them into your tweets. This is especially important for job postings, as the relevant hashtags will make your tweet easily discoverable by job seekers. Tools like TweetDeck can help you find out which hashtags are popular among your ideal candidates, improving your chances of getting your opportunities in front of the right people.

6. Failing to highlight your company culture

Since hiring physicians that fit into the company culture is a major goal for physician recruiters, it only makes sense to highlight it on your social media account. Posting engaging content about your organization’s employees, facilities, innovations, and events can all help grow your follower base and attract prospective candidates.

7. Not Utilizing Current Employees

Your existing physicians and other healthcare providers are one of your greatest tools for recruiting and retaining the best talent. Employees that engage with your organization on twitter can help spread your message to their own networks and help you create a thriving community on twitter.

Key Take Aways:

  • Make sure to post interesting, company related content to attract followers and improve your chances of attracting candidates when you post a job
  • Use images and hashtags to increase engagement
  • Post often and make sure to engage with your existing employees
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