Challenges in Sourcing Physician Candidates-And How to Overcome Them [infographic]

With intense competition for qualified physicians, sourcing physician candidates for your opportunity can often seem like your biggest obstacle. With multiple employers vying for a limited pool of candidates, it may seem like the only challenge would be in getting to candidates before the medical group down the street, but the challenges associated with sourcing candidates in physician recruitment go beyond that.

This difficulty with candidate sourcing can often be broken down into four major challenges that our new health care landscape has introduced. In the below infographic, we’ll address these challenges and what recruiters can do in their quest to overcome them.

Kep Take Aways:

  • Make sure you follow best practices and make your opportunities stand out from the crowd
  • Use the tools at your disposal to overcome the roadblocks technology puts between you and a prospective candidate
  • Analyze all of the tools you could use before selecting the best fit – and then continue to track your results
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