Conducting a Stellar Skype Interview: Tips for Employers [Infographic]

As more and more employers begin using video and phone interviews to assess candidates prior to a site visit, it has become more important than ever for employers to do everything in their power to make sure that the candidate screening process is as pleasant and effective as possible. After all, healthcare systems and groups are competing for candidates in an increasingly smaller pool.


Because of this, it’s important for employers to leave candidates with a positive impression at every stage of the physician recruitment process. To help with that, we have compiled some of the essential tips for employers looking to execute a flawless Skype interview with prospective candidates.

Above all, it is incredibly important for employers to smile, make eye contact, and make every effort to be personable. While this can be more difficult over a Skype interview, taking precautions to limit the likelihood of technical difficulties can  help both the interviewer and candidate become more comfortable during the interview. When done right, Skype interviews can help employers cut the costs of the candidate interview process while also enhancing the experience for all involved.

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