D.O.s: An Key Part of a Complete Recruitment Strategy[Infographic]

The shortage of Primary Care physicians in the United States is an issue that has been discussed time and again. While the need for qualified Primary Care physicians is higher than it has ever been, many employers are still shying away from hiring one of the fastest growing  segments of healthcare providers – Osteopathic physicians. While their M.D. counterparts are moving away from primary care practice and serving in rural and underserved areas, an overwhelming majority of D.O.s are entering the primary care field, and a higher percentage of them are also choosing to practice in rural and underserved communities.

Many Osteopathic Medical Schools have a long tradition of encouraging their young physicians to choose primary care specialties and practice in underserved areas. Coupled with their emphasis on preventative medicine, extra training in the musculoskeletal system, and osteopathic manipulations, D.O.s are often a crucial part of an underserved community and can serve as an integral part of any practice’s health care team. While D.O.s are fully qualified physicians licensed to practice medicine and prescribe medication, they are traditionally recruited far less by practices. By encouraging the recruitment of these Osteopathic physicians for your team, your organization can create a truly comprehensive recruitment strategy that is more likely to meet it’s goals and increase access to care for your patients.


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