Effects of Generational Differences on Physician Productivity[infographic]

When creating physician manpower plans, it is important for hospitals and health systems to look at not only how many physical providers are needed, but also the productivity needed from those providers. At a time when many physicians are emphasizing work-life balance and flexible schedules, physician recruiters are left wondering how these shifts will affect their physician recruitment needs.

Below is an infographic exploring how generational differences among physicians impact physician productivity, what this means for physician recruitment, and what providers and employers can do to help improve physician productivity.

Key Take Aways:

  • Changes in approach to patient care and an emphasis on work-life balances means that baby boomer physicians produce more than their younger counterparts
  • As boomers begin to retire, hospitals and health systems will have to hire more physicians to maintain the same level of productivity
  • Use of non-physician providers, batching of tasks, and consistency in types of encounters and surroundings can improve physician productivity
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