How to Engage Passive Physician Candidates [infographic]

Of all prospective physician candidates, over two-thirds are passive job seekers. These physicians are often satisfied in their current positions and are unlikely to come across physician recruitment advertisements that their active job seeker colleagues come across on a daily basis. With so many physicians not actively seeking a new position or heading to job boards, recruiters are often left wondering how to reach this untapped pool of candidates.

While passive candidates are harder to come by, it’s not impossible to find and recruit them to join you organization. In the infographic below we’ll cover some tips on how to source and engage these passive physician candidates – giving you access to a pool of physicians few rarely access.

Key Take Aways:

  • Knowing what you have to offer and how it would attract a passive candidate is key – make sure you highlight the positives of your position and organization.
  • Networking is key to reaching passive physician candidates. Maintain a robust referral program and tap in to your existing physician’s networks to reach physicians who would have otherwise never heard of your position.
  • Traditional marketing methods – like direct mail and journal ads – can be a great way to reach passive candidates who aren’t checking job boards.
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