5 Tips on How to Start Your Job Search Right in 2021

It is important for job seekers to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In order to land a new job, you need to be flexible, creative, and persistent.

At Ascendo Resources, we can help you find your dream job and guide you on how to impress your potential employer. Here are few key tips for seeking employment this year: 

1. Verify That Job Applications Are Error-Free and Relevant

Because job applicants currently outpace job openings, many companies thoroughly screen and disqualify candidates. Errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling can lead to recruiters (or their automated screening software) discarding an application. Positions that emphasize the need for previous experience will require job applicants to highlight their previous experience in both their resumes and cover letters. Applicants without relevant job experience may be able to compensate by explaining how their previous work experiences can be an asset in the job opening. At Ascendo, we will review your resume and cover letter and give you constructive feedback to ensure you are all set to submit the required documents. 

2. Focus on an Online Job HuntJob Searching

Job seekers should join a robust combination of job sites to increase their visibility and their chances of landing a new job. Professional networking sites allow you to connect with recruiters and with representatives of companies that are hiring. There are countless job boards that allow you to search for jobs, filtering on factors including geographical location, industries, and work-from-home availability. And it is worth noting that many company representatives will tell applicants in offline meetings – including job fairs – to apply through the company’s website instead of accepting physical resumes from candidates.

3. Use Professional Networking to Search for Unadvertised Jobs

Companies often have jobs that are not publicly advertised; internal job boards are commonplace. Those who maintain their professional networks may discover a job opening through word-of-mouth. Many companies offer referral bonuses, which can provide an incentive for a current employee to submit a job seeker’s resume to the company’s HR department.

At Ascendo Resources, we leverage our extensive experience working and networking with Fortune 500 companies, global banks, legal industries, and more! Our recruiters will inform you about job openings that are not posted online, providing you with the best available resources for a perfect pairing. 

4. Acquire and Augment Professional Skills

Job seekers should ensure that their professional skill sets are current and appropriate for their industry. Those who can convey their competence or superiority with industry-related tasks can leverage their skills to stand out from other job applicants. In addition, many companies have quiz-style questions during phone screenings and interviews, so they should prepare to answer questions like, “If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?” Ascendo Resources can prepare you for these random, critical thinking interview questions.  

5. Be Patient and Persistent

Job seekers may face multiple rejections even in markets where jobs outnumber applicants. However, it only takes one opportunity to re-enter the workplace. Those seeking employment should not let rejection discourage them. Instead, you should establish the habit of routinely – yet politely and professionally – following up with companies for updates regarding job openings and applications.

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