How to Write a Physician Job Description that Gets Responses in 7 Steps

We’ve all seen it: an enthusiastic physician recruiter creates and executes a comprehensive physician recruitment marketing strategy, but somehow can’t manage to generate any interest. Many times the problem isn’t where they’re advertising the opportunity – it’s what the advertisements say. Whether it’s dense paragraphs of information, a lack of a candidate centric approach, or just a job description that is far too generic, an ineffective physician job description can seriously handicap a physician recruitment effort.

Luckily, writing an effective and engaging physician job description is easier than you think. Follow these seven steps to get well on your way to creating a job description that will generate results!

Step 1: Do Your Research

The moment a new physician recruitment assignment comes across your desk, the game is on. Having existing physicians in the practice you’re recruiting for complete a new search questionnaire will provide you with a basic understanding of what the opportunity has to offer and what type of candidate you need to look for. It’s also an excellent idea to visit the practice yourself to speak with the existing physicians about what they’re looking for in a colleague, what about working at this practice and living in this community was attractive to them, and get an idea about what the practice culture is like.

Step 2: Create a Candidate Profile

Armed with all of this information on the practice culture and opportunity specifics, it’s time to create a candidate profile. Using the information gleaned from the physicians at the practice, you should be able to create a detailed profile of what the ideal candidate would be. This should include:

  • Training and education
  • Experience Level
  • Personality Traits
  • Professional Interests
  • Hobbies and Personal Interests

Step 3: Decide on the Channel

Different advertising channels call for different approaches. Whether it’s a length issue with a postcard or the inability to include links on a journal advertisement, each channel requires different copy that takes into consideration any limitations or best practices.

Step 4: Write an Engaging Intro

Now that you know where this job description is going, and you have both a candidate profile and practice questionnaire, it’s time to write the intro. Things to include:

  • If this opportunity is employed or private practice
  • Location
  • Your main selling point (work-life balance, high compensation, etc.)

Make sure to be concise and give a brief overview of why they should keep reading.

Step 5: Highlight Practice Strengths

Using the information in your New Search Questionnaire, select four or five aspects about the practice that would appeal to your ideal candidate (outlined in your candidate profile). The aspects can range from a favorable call schedule to an academic affiliation.

When highlighting these practice strengths, make sure to:

  • Use bullet points
  • Keep your candidate profile top of mind
  • Point out what makes this opportunity so unique

Step 6: Sell the Community

One of the main reasons physician’s choose a particular practice opportunity is because of the quality of life offered in the community. Make sure to include information on area highlights, school information for physician parents, and information on the ability to pursue the interests and hobbies that your ideal candidate would likely have.

Some additional ways to make the community seem more attractive to prospective candidates include:

  • Including relevant links
  • Embedding images
  • Linking to a Pinterest board highlighting the community

Step 7: Include Multiple Contact Methods

Now that you’ve created this fantastic physician job description, make sure they know how to learn more! Make sure to include a direct phone number and non-generic email. It’s also an excellent idea to include a number for prospective candidates to text you, allowing you to schedule a call and screening that much faster.


When done right, a physician job description can be one of a physician recruiter’s greatest assets. By following these seven easy steps, you can ensure that you create a quality job description every time.

Some key take aways:

  • Always do your research – it’s invaluable!
  • Links, images, and social media can help sell your community to candidates
  • Keep it short but informative
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