In-Person Interview Tips for Physicians, Nurses, and PAs

If the phone interview and/or skype interview went well, then it’s time for the next step in your healthcare job search: the site visit. Are you ready to ace your in-person interviews? Yes, this is a chance for you to check out the practice and make sure you’re going to like working here, but don’t forget: the administrative team is also trying to make sure they want to work with you.

Here are a few tips to help make sure you make a great first impression.


  • Wear simple jewelry.  Remove visible piercings, except for simple earrings.
  • Take some breath mints. It’s a long day. You’ll feel fresh every time you pop a fresh mint.
  • Bring a few copies of your CV. Not everyone will have it on their smartphone.
  • Try a mantra. Before you walk into the building for the interview, say a few positive words to yourself. We know positive self-talk can encourage you and relieve stress.  
  • Send thank you notes.  Handwritten, personalized notes are always preferred, but even a quick email will go a long way. This is also a chance to highlight why you are perfect for the position.


  • Whine. No one cares about your flight delay or the traffic you faced.  Be positive.
  • Lie. Be honest about what you want in a job.  If you’re questioned about a specific course of treatment that your unfamiliar with, don’t wing it.  Just say you’ll google it. You’ll earn respect, or at least a little laugh.
  • Get drunk.  If everyone else is having a cocktail, feel welcome to order one also.  But know your limit. And no sneaking off to the bar to order extra.
  • Rack up room service. Hotel bills are itemized. Health systems won’t be thrilled that you decided to order lobster thermidor at 2 a.m. and watch that Pay Per View movie.
  • Show up in your pajamas. Yeah.  We recruiters have heard some stories.


The site-visit is your chance to not only get to know your prospective colleagues a little better, but also to present you best self and increase your chances of getting an offer. Make sure to be positive, professional, and follow up afterwards with a simple thank you note. Before you know it, you’ll have an offer in your hands.

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