Medical Education: The Great Predictor of Physician Practice Location

It isn’t easy to predict where a physcian will end up after they complete their medical education. A variety of factors, from family location to where their spouse has found employment can change where a physcian chooses to practice seemingly overnight.  While this is sometimes the case, the Association of American Medical College has found that one of the greatest predictors of where a physican will ultimately practice is where they completed their undergraduate and graduate medical education.

With such a strong correlation between location of medical education and ultimate area of practice, it is exceedingly important for physcian recruiters and healthcare administrators to develop strong relationships with the training programs in their state, and perhaps even look into investing in educational partnerships with these programs. This practice will help  to ensure a steady stream of qualified and interested candidates for their physician recruitment efforts for years to come, and will help prospective candidates in their decision to select your organization as the place to establish their physician practice.

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