Navigating the Job Market During a Pandemic

Navigating the job market in 2020 has been challenging, but as companies return to normal, lift hiring freezes, and begin interviewing for open positions. Preparing for interviews and assessments means planning and having your answers ready.

The recruiting professionals at Ascendo Resources are always prepared to assist you in the ever-changing job market with the latest information available in your industry and the services you need to get the job you want.

Even with the threat of an additional outbreak on the horizon, as well as schools starting and businesses reopening, an abundance of caution is the current norm. Many are concerned as job markets and industry dynamics are changing, not to mention the anxiety of ensuring the health and safety of loved ones.

So just how do you traverse this new, uncharted territory of the pandemic to find the job you seek? Let’s find out.

Industries Hiring During the Pandemic

Top Industries Hiring During the Pandemic

As businesses across industries begin the process of hiring new employees and re-hiring those who have been laid off as a result of the pandemic, it is important to know which industries are most active. Here are just a few industries that are thriving during the pandemic:

  • The restaurant industry is actively returning people to work as restrictions are lifted and business surges.
  • The healthcare industry, particularly nursing, is actively seeking qualified medical personnel.
  • Computer systems analysts and data specialists are in high demand, specifically in the areas of collection and analysis of everything from Coronavirus data to economic recovery information.
  • The communications industry is also booming as critical and technical information must be shared effectively and clearly between government entities, research and medical professionals, education facilities, and the general population.
  • Retailers, wholesalers, and distribution industry positions are also in high demand as increased consumer urgency rises. From distribution facilities to delivery, management to checkout positions, jobs abound in these areas.

Virtual Recruitment

Virtual Job Interview During COVID

As many companies begin hiring anew, virtual recruitment is the new normal offering a convenient, effective, and safe approach to screening and hiring new employees. In many cases, the virtual recruitment process means a shorter time to hire as employers can more easily see you as a well-qualified candidate. It also allows you the opportunity to speak with more potential employers as job seekers have no traveling from business to business during the interview process. With the new virtual recruitment and hiring processes, our job seekers all gain increased opportunity to effectively communicate with potential employers, scheduling your interviews with ease.

For more information on the virtual recruitment process, contact our experienced recruiters!

Prepping for Your Interview

Whether you have a virtual interview or an in-person assessment scheduled, Ascendo can help you prepare for a successful outcome. Regardless of the type of interview you face, there is always some useful advice you can follow:

  • Have your resume up-to-date! Also, your LinkedIn profile should match your resume.
  • Begin the preparation process by researching the company you are interviewing for as well as the individuals you will be meeting. The more you know the better prepared you will be.
  • Prep and practice your answers to common interview questions. You know the ones, “Tell me a little about yourself” and “Why do you want to work here?”
  • Evaluate your experience and skill set alongside the job description and prepare to share it with the prospective employer.
  • Always formulate a quality set of questions for the interviewer(s).

For your interview appointment, dress according to the company’s guidelines. Always arrive early and have several copies of your resume. When your interview begins – whether in person or virtual – always show respect and good manners to everyone you come in contact with. Respond to your interviewer honestly, with positive, focused answers.

For some questions, this will be more difficult than others, and the professional recruiters at Ascendo can help you prepare, even for those often challenging “strengths” and “weaknesses” queries.

The Ascendo Resources team knows which questions and answers you need to prepare for and which unique skills you need to demonstrate to set you apart from the other candidates and qualify you for any position.

Ascendo Resources Can Help

At Ascendo Resources, we have remained in business, knowledgeable of industry changes, and ready to help you navigate the job market successfully. As the pandemic passes and companies resume complete operations, the opportunities are endless. Ascendo Resources can help you achieve your career goals today. At Ascendo, our professionals are prepared to offer you personalized service and step by step guidance to ensure you as a job seeker and your potential employers find the perfect match.

Call today and let’s start navigating the job market together.

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