What to Know When Pursuing a Physician Job

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, there will be an estimated shortage of 54,000 to 139,000 physicians in the United States by 2033. This means that both incoming and established physicians will have more options in the job market.

Even with more jobs available, however, many people may still find it difficult to secure a job. Between applications, interviews, and the politics of job placement in general, the search can be overwhelming. There are several things you want to know when pursuing a physician job. 

A full understanding of the recruitment process and the job market will help you find the position that fits your needs, and Ascendo Resources is here to help!

Physician Job Market

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, physician recruitment actually decreased as many doctors were furloughed or received pay cuts. This had more to do with the financial position of hospitals than it had to do with the actual demand for more doctors.

Due to an aging workforce and increased burnout from the pandemic (leading to earlier retirement), the job market is bouncing back quickly. While many job seekers consider permanent placements, there is the option of “locum tenens” jobs, which are temporary placements for doctors. In this setup, you travel to a location and fill a post for a relatively short amount of time. It is essentially physician freelancing, and it typically pays better wages than a full-time position. 

You will want to prepare your job search materials before you begin the search. Having some sort of system and a readily available CV, resumé, recommendation portfolio, and LinkedIn profile will make it easier to fill out applications. At Ascendo Resources, our healthcare recruiters can also assist with interview mockups, resumes, and more! 

Working with Healthcare Recruiters

Ascendo Healthcare Recruiters

Each potential employer has a different system for filling physician jobs. It is unrealistic to expect that the exact same approach for each job application or interview will deliver the same outcome. Knowing the criteria that recruiters use to judge candidates may help you in your search.


It is important that when working with a recruiter they know your preferred method of communication.  Effective communication is the most important aspect of the entire process of working with a recruiter. 

Posting Jobs

Most recruiters will not post about a physician job until they are ready to start screening candidates. The job search timeline may vary depending on a number of factors like the job’s location or the time of year.

If you are looking for jobs in competitive markets like California or New York City, you will have a shorter window to apply. Recruiters usually get flooded with applicants and then close the post to screen for candidates. The recruitment process for jobs in rural areas may last for months. This is because less applicants are willing to relocate to those areas. If you are interested in one of these postings, you may have an easier time standing out, but make sure you still approach the interview process with the same professionalism and focus.

Social Media

It is becoming more common that recruiters check social media profiles for potential hires. There are two primary reasons for this.

First, a person’s social media presence can reveal valuable information about their character. Before you begin a job search, have someone else audit your social media profile. Have you posted anything that reflects poorly on your character? If you do not want to delete posts, set your privacy settings to protect your online activity.

The second reason social media is a common recruitment tool is that it simplifies the search process. LinkedIn makes it easy for recruiters to advertise a new posting, find/screen candidates, and communicate with them. Create and fill out a LinkedIn profile so that you can find more physician job postings and so that recruiters can easily find you.

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