Physician Recruitment Emails: Avoiding the Spam Folder [Infographic]

Physician recruiters are always on the hunt for ways to get their opportunities in front of prospective candidates. Now, one of the most popular ways to do this is through physician recruitment email campaigns. But while sending out emails to candidates can be a great way to generate interest, they won’t do much good if they end up in candidate’s spam folders. So how are physician recruiters supposed to avoid this unfortunate outcome?

One of the simplest ways for recruiters to avoid a candidate’s junk folder is by avoiding SPAM triggers in recruitment emails, particularly in the subject line. The below infographic provides some of the most common spam trigger words used in physician recruitment emails and some easy alternatives to use instead.

Key Take Aways:

  • Avoid terms that are often used in spam emails trying to lure in individuals for loans and quick money schemes (like “earn,” “bonus,” and “$$$”).
  • Make sure to use accurate and natural grammar and formatting.
  • Use casual greetings and personalization to keep from looking like a spammer to email service providers.
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