The Best Months for Physician Recruitment [infographic]

When you spend years in the physician recruitment sphere, you start to notice changes in candidate flow based on the time of year. Due to the timelines physician candidates have because of training completion, familial obligations, and employment contracts, certain times of the year will yield a higher number of prospective candidates than others. But what are the best months? And why are some months better than others?

Below is an infographic covering which months are best for candidate generation, why they’re better, and what you can do during slower months to improve your overall physician recruitment success year-round.


Key Take Aways:

  • Most candidates start their searches during the summer and winter months. Take advantage of this and increase your efforts during these months.
  • The spring and fall tend to be slower, as more candidates are already in the middle of their searches and conducting interviews. Recruiters can still see some success with candidates who’s contracts fall through or late starters.
  • The slower months can still be productive – use them for planning, database improvement, and going after passive candidates.
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