Elevate Your Recruitment Game: Going Beyond the Resume to Find Qualified Candidates for Your Business

In the dynamic landscape of recruitment, finding qualified candidates goes beyond a cursory glance at resumes. It involves a strategic and nuanced approach that delves deeper into the skills, experiences, and potential a candidate brings to the table. As you aim to grow and build your organization you might be facing some hurdles, Competition for talent, evolving skill requirements, time constraints, cultural fit and employer branding. Ascendo Resources, a lead staffing firm, understands the evolving needs of businesses in the realms of Accounting and Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, and IT. We sat down with Joan Sturge our Director of Accounting and Finance to explore her trade secrets for top talent for her clients. In this blog, we explore how Ascendo elevates your recruitment game by going beyond the resume, offering tailored staffing solutions to meet the unique demands of your business.

Beyond the Resume: Ascendo's Recruitment Approach: In an era of fierce competition for top talent, businesses face unprecedented challenges in sourcing and securing qualified candidates. It might feel like at times there is a scarcity of highly skilled and qualified candidates. With a limited pool of skilled candidates mixed with other factors like industry competition and talent poaching, internal talent recruitment might feel overwhelming. The traditional reliance on resumes alone often falls short in identifying the holistic qualities that make a candidate an ideal fit for a role. That’s where we come in, Ascendo recognizes this shifting paradigm and adopts a multifaceted approach to recruitment to help ease your search.

Ascendo Resources takes pride in going beyond the resume to identify qualified candidates. Our recruitment process involves a comprehensive assessment that considers not only the candidate's professional background but also their soft skills, cultural fit, and potential for growth within the organization. By looking beyond, the surface, we ensure that our clients are presented with candidates who not only meet the job requirements but also align with the company's values and long-term goals. Rapid technological advancements and industry shifts contribute to a constantly evolving set of skills required for success. Our expert recruiters identify candidates with the required skills set and the capability to continue to learn and grow within your organization. Joan Sturge shares a major aspect to her success to sourcing high quality candidates is to reach out to her network. She primarily recruits for clients in the Miami, Florida area. Being raised in Miami she has built strong ties to her community. Those strong ties and network help her to consistently identify and connect with top-tier talent. Her deep-rooted connections provide her with valuable insights into the local job market and the specific needs of both clients and candidates. In addition to her professional network, Joan's genuine passion for her hometown and its people make her a trusted resource for job seekers and employers alike. It's through these strong relationships and her commitment to community that Joan continues to excel in sourcing high-quality candidates and delivering successful placements for her clients in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida.

Tailored Staffing Solutions: Addressing Unique Business Needs: For businesses with fluctuating workloads or short-term projects, Ascendo offers dynamic temporary staffing solutions. Our pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates allows businesses to scale their workforce based on project demands without compromising on the quality of talent. Temporary staffing is a cost-effective solution to businesses with seasonal variations in workload that often require temporary staff to manage increased demand. If your business has recently undertaken a new short-term project or you have a new product or service launch, temporary staffing provides a flexible option. Our temporary staffing also comes in handy for unexpected employee absences like medical and maternity leaves or even sabbaticals. Temporary staffing can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to manage short-term needs without the long-term financial commitments associated with permanent hires, including benefits and salary packages.

Ascendo's direct-hire services are designed for businesses seeking permanent placements. We meticulously match our clients with highly qualified candidates, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a seamless integration of new talent into the organization. Joan dedicates time to thoroughly get to know her clients company culture. This dedication to delving deep into the essence of the organizations she works with is not just a routine practice but a strategic approach that significantly contributes to her success in building exceptional teams.

Cultural Fit Matters: Joan recognizes that finding candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with the company's culture is essential. A harmonious cultural fit can lead to higher employee satisfaction, better team dynamics, and improved long-term retention rates.

Holistic Recruitment Approach: Joan takes a holistic approach to recruitment. Beyond simply matching skills and qualifications, she seeks to identify candidates who share the company's values, mission, and vision. She understands that a candidate who resonates with the organization's ethos is more likely to thrive and contribute positively.

In-Depth Research: Joan invests time in extensive research about her client's company culture. She explores the organization's history, values, core beliefs, and workplace environment. She may conduct interviews with key stakeholders, including company leaders, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cultural nuances.

Tailored Candidate Assessment: Armed with insights into the client's culture, Joan tailors her candidate assessment process. She asks targeted questions during interviews and evaluates candidates not only based on their technical skills but also on their compatibility with the company's cultural attributes.

Addressing Specific Needs Across Industries

Accounting and Financial Services: In the critical sectors of accounting and finance, Ascendo Resources understands the importance of precision and expertise. Our recruitment specialists are adept at identifying candidates with the right technical skills, industry knowledge, and compliance understanding to excel in finance and accounting roles.

Consulting: The consulting industry demands a unique blend of strategic thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability. Ascendo's tailored recruitment process ensures that businesses in the consulting sector are connected with professionals who not only possess the required expertise but also thrive in dynamic consulting environments.

Information Technology and Healthcare: In the ever-evolving IT and Healthcare landscape, Ascendo Resources recognizes the necessity of staying ahead. Our recruitment approach for the IT and Healthcare sector involves identifying candidates with cutting-edge technical skills, adaptability to emerging technologies, and a strategic mindset to drive innovation within organizations.


Elevating your recruitment game involves a strategic partnership with a staffing firm that understands the evolving dynamics of the business landscape. Ascendo Resources, with its commitment to going beyond the resume, offers a transformative approach to recruitment. Whether your business operates in Accounting and Finance, Consulting, or IT, our tailored staffing solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. Experience the Ascendo advantage and ensure that you not only find qualified candidates but also build a workforce that propels your business towards long-term success.

Hiring? If you find yourself in need of assistance to streamline your recruitment efforts tailored to your organization's needs, click here to explore how Ascendo can be your strategic partner in building a dynamic and high-performing team. Elevate your hiring journey with us!

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